A piece of wood off the street, 5 minute work and you get a perfectly designed table

Like many design art-scene gems, this next little project KickStarted with a bang, raising far beyond requested goal. It's one of those smart simple 'how come no one thought of it?' ideas; Four table legs ending with a clamp, turning any flat surface into a beautiful table, within minutes of easy work – The Floyd LEG.



What makes The Floyd LEG such fun, is the possibility of infinitely changing your table, as well as turning otherwise trashed surfaces – an old shelf, a disassembled door, or a marble leftover – into an environmentally friendly home DIY piece.




Industrial Designer and founder of The Floyd LEG, Kyle Hoff, found himself buying a new desk every time he moved, to fit his current flat. He begun looking for solution that could be moved from flat to flat, and will always look custom designed to any space. Along with friend Alex O'Dell, he developed the 'four legs idea', to perfectly meet those needs. Short time ahead, by crowd-funding, the idea became a real product.




Made in Detroit, the steel legs screw on to any imaginable surface, to create an elegant table, which can easily be refreshed, just by changing its top. Beautiful and unique surfaces can be obtained as leftovers, from local craftsmen, or just... on the street. You'll be surprise to find what people throw out, and how chic it can look in your home or office.






Price: Not cheap, but given the stuning outcome, created with the right surface - quite resonnable. Flexability of use makes it a bargain.
179 USD-189 USD - depends on height.
A pair of shelf holders, based on same tecnique, are also available, at 85 USD.
Delivary fee of 15 USD- 75 USD to be added, when online purchased through the official website.


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